1. Tom Tom (Jez Lowe/Lowelife Music)
  2. The Rector at the Fèis (Ryan J. MacNeil)/Moladh an Cabar Féidh/An Gobhan Misgeach Cille Chasaidh/The Farmer’s Daughter
  3. The Careful Jig (Eric McDonald)/The Crossing (Jon Bews MCPS/PRS)/Leslie’s March
  4. A’ Mhic Iain ’ic Sheumais
  5. The Musical Priest/Waves of Rush (Aidan Ó Rourke)/Alec C. MacGregor (George S. MacLennan)/The Whisky Kiss (Angus Grant)
  6. Sae Will We Yet (Walter Watson/Tony Cuffe)/The tune that goes with Sae Will We Yet (Brendan Carey Block)
  7. Hot and Cold (Jon Bews MCPS/PRS)/Complements to Cameron Chisholm/Såld och Solde/Flippen (Mikael Marin)
  8. Old Waily, Windy Night (Chris Sugden/Dambuster Music)/The Old Oak Wood (Gavin Marwick)
  9. Iain Green of Greentracks (Gordon Duncan)/The Whistle O’er the Lave O’t/The Ramnee Ceilidh (Gordon Duncan)/Hare Ó the Dug (Alan MacLeod)


  1. The 11/16th Hour (J. Bews)/Piping the Fish (C. Robson)/Hogtie’s Reel (P. Cunningham)
  2. Take Me to Venlo (J. Bews)/Am Mathan Crùbach (D. Houghton)
  3. War Hent Kerrigouarc’h/The Bear Dance
  4. The Bonniest Lass (R. Burns)
  5. The Embezzler (J. Bews)/Albaterua/Fionn the Hunter (J. Bews)/The Braes of Melnish (C. MacKay)
  6. Òran na Maighdeann-Mhàra
  7. The Queen of Argyll (A.M. Stewart)
  8. Finnish Tune/L’Ogre aux Quatres Bras (D. Houghton)/Fear nam Meur Sleamhna (D. Houghton)
  9. MacKinnon’s Brook/Mrs. Stewart of Grantully/Kissin’ is Best of A’/Dr. Ross’s 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering (D. MacLeod)


  1. Zito the Bubbleman (G. Duncan)/Opinions 1 (R. Campbell)/Mary Kelly’s (T. Peoples)
  2. Beg Ar Vann (D. Houghton)/Gavotte
  3. Sam Jones (R. Thompson)
  4. Pegasus Rests (G. Marwick)/Grey Smoke from the Mountains (G. Marwick)/El Greebo (C. Robson)
  5. Witch (C. Robson)
  6. Becky Taylor’s Audacity (S. Thumire)/Harder to Jig (C. Hewat)/Snoogles Jig (M. Bennett)
  7. Lugumleik/The Hungry Frenchman (D. Catnach)/Vittrad
  8. Wendy’s Lament/Steppin’ on Yer Face(J. Bews)/The Mystery of the Mud Angel (D. Houghton)/Peter on the Logging Road (D. Houghton)
  9. 37 Bus (M. Toner)
  10. The Evæl Dr. Gray (J. Gray)/Mrs. Dundas of Arnston/Marianne’s Reel/MacDonald’s Reel
  11. Far Away (P. Jung)/The Tailend of the Tour (J. Bews)


SILVER (2001)

  1. Moladn an Ruis air a’ Phraigheadh (D. Houghton)/Tom’s Incredible Table (J. Bews)/The Otter’s Pocket (J. Bews)
  2. Felix the Wrestler/Siobhán Ní Dhomhnaill’s no. 2 (S. Ní Dhomhnaill)/The Choice Wife
  3. Hardanger Fjord/Mrs. Mary MacDonald
  4. The Ass in the Graveyard/Tha Còt’ orm is Ardachadh Muilein/The Oceanographer (D. Houghton)
  5. Pirsta/The Good Drying (R. MacDonald)/Onga Bucharesti
  6. The Marquis of Huntly’s Farewell (N. Gow)/Bog an Lochan/Clem (S. Devineau)/Sheepskin and Bees’ Wax
  7. All the Seasons in a Day (C. Robson)/Sets a Dish Cloot (C. Robson)
  8. The Joker’s Polska/Andro 211/Andro 625
  9. Panpoxa
  10. The Cantrip (J. Bews)/Mo Cheilleachán Fionn/An Tiocfaidh Tú Abhaile Leam/Iain’s Jig
  11. Cumha Gan Ainm (Urlar Only)/The Lambing Storm (D. Gordon)/The Splendid Isolation (B. MacGlinchy)/The Skye Barbecue (A. Fraser)/Dolina MacAoidh (J. Scott)